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As we navigate this life, we continuously interface with varying encounters and situations that challenge us. We experience, heartbreak, stress, death or loss of a loved one, we experience change. The truth of this existence can often times be difficult to interface with.

This existence can be painful.

Our entire lives we have been presented with these truths. As children, we began developing coping mechanisms, or programs that assisted us in working through these truths. Many of our coping mechanisms take shape in the form of avoidance, suppression, attachments, seeking external validation, and so on. These programmings were created by us, for us, in order to help us navigate the pain that we were unable to cope with as children.

We were also programmed by our environment and how we were raised. As children, we’re like sponges, absorbing information and projecting it to our reality.

These coping mechanisms were necessary. Yet, many of us don’t realize that these programs are dictating how we operate in our realities. Are we truly living our lives? Or is it a set of programmed decisions that are choosing our lives for us?

These programs are so embedded within us that we don’t even realize how much they are impacting the way we live our lives.

We are still using these programs as a way to avoid facing the truth of this existence. We believe these programs are us, and find ourselves pursuing distorted desires rather than tuning into our souls true desires.

We constantly wonder why we find ourselves in the same unhealthy relationships, or why we feel dissatisfied with our lives. We know this existence has to mean more than what we are experiencing, yet we aren’t able to crack the code of our life. We becomes victims of our lives, rather than stepping into the truth that we are actually the CREATORS of it.

My mission on this planet is to assist in the removing of the programs/ layers you hold within you that are hijacking your being and coercing you into believing you are not capable of experiencing heaven on earth. I do so simply by speaking truth. By reading your energy field, I am able to call out each program I see and bring it your conscious awareness so you can then uninstall that program from your system.

I operate from a space called the zero-point field, which is also known as neutrality in order to ensure that information is received and transcribed properly. I translate codes (divine information) into a format that is applicable to your reality and is instilled with light codes that are meant to activate any dormant DNA in your body.

Simply put, I speak truth so you can use this knowledge to change your reality to align with who you REALLY are.

You deserve to feel happy. You deserve to wake up and be completely filled with love for this existence. You deserve to love your life.

I see you. I see the love in you. Invest in yourself and allow yourself to see it too.

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Peace and love

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